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Using the Highest Quality of Local & Global Medicinals

As a herbalist owned & operated company, Oryane’s 40 years of passion and expertise with plant medicine, carefully informs Herbal Energetics' production process. Oryane personally oversees every step from seed selection and quality assessment to harvesting and extraction processing. This hands-on, artisanal approach combined with decades of experience & expertise ensures high quality.

Diverse Processing Methods to Optimize Full Spectrum Extraction

  • We use Wild, Organic and Local Wild Simulated grown herbs (for more information see appendix)  from small distributors & farmers, harvested at their peak.

  • Plants are cut & chopped immediately before tincturing to prevent oxidation/loss of constituents & volatile oils

  • We use a variety of extraction processes including double extractions: (more info see appendix)

    • Long infusion + tinctured: releases nutrient and therapeutics aspects

    • Decoction + tinctured: In the Traditional Chinese Medicine method to release polysaccharides, nutritious & demulcent properties

    • Fresh plants: for herbs with a much higher potency than dried.  Harvested at their peak & processed immediately

Oryane’s in-depth plant knowledge & expertise ensures each extract is created for optimal benefits

I have used Herbal Energetics products for the past 20 years with great success. This is a truly superior product. The high quality of the herbs, broad range available and specific processing methods used to optimize full extraction of medicinal constituents, serve the needs of my diverse practice. Herbal Energetics provides excellent service with the added benefit of a knowledgeable, experienced herbalist to answer any questions regarding client cases or the latest herbal research.

Mary Boulding, Certified Herbalist, Shiatsu Therapist

Ordering Information

1. Place order by e-mail or phone

2. Shipped within 1-2 days

3. No minimum order

4. Orders over $300 receive free shipping

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