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I have been using tinctures from Herbal Energetics for over 20 years. The excellent quality of their products and wide variety of herbs has helped make herbal medicine a cornerstone of my practice. In addition, the owner, Oryane Belair, is extremely knowledgeable and always willing to discuss a difficult case. I have learned a phenomenal amount from her about the energetic properties of plants and incorporating these ideas into my practice has made my herbal prescribing significantly more effective.

Dr. Loreen Dawson, ND


I was so excited when Oryane came to me over 20 years ago to present me with her hand crafted herbal tinctures. I have not used anything else since. Patients commented directly that these herbs seemed to "work better" and they do! The tinctures are made with love and care that can only happen with smaller scale production and the quality is outstanding. Oryane has been very accommodating over the years with all my basic as well as unusual herbal requests. I would recommend her products to anyone who is passionate about herbal medicine as well as to those who are just beginning to experiment with herbs. Thank you Oryane.

Dr. Glenda Laxton, ND


I have used Herbal Energetics products for the past 20 years with great success. This is a truly superior product. The high quality of the herbs, broad range available and specific processing methods used to optimize full extraction of medicinal constituents, serve the needs of my diverse practice. Herbal Energetics provides excellent service with the added benefit of a knowledgeable, experienced herbalist to answer any questions regarding client cases or the latest herbal research.

Mary Boulding, Certified Herbalist, Shiatsu Therapist


I have been very pleased with the quality of Herbal Energetics’ herbal tinctures. I have an 83 year old patient who came to me over 10 year ago with the complaint of asthma and chronic bronchitis in the winter. The first support that I gave her was a blend of Oryane’s tinctures. The patient doesn’t have asthma symptoms anymore and her chronic bronchitis is just a memory. The patient herself commented the last time I saw her, as to how much the tincture had helped her. She still keeps it on hand if she feels a cold coming on.

Dr. Dorothy Fairley, ND


I have been using Herbal Energetics’ tinctures with my patients for the past 8 ½ years and have been extremely happy with their products. Oryane is a wealth of knowledge in the vast world of herbal medicine and provides consistently top quality herbs. I know that I am always aware of the source of the herbs I am purchasing for my patients and I love buying from a local herbalist. Herbal Energetics has some wonderful formulas that can treat a wide range of health concerns, as well as single tinctures. I always receive my orders on time and Herbal Energetics is an extremely reliable company.

Dr. Ashely Gordon, ND


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