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In founding Herbal Energetics, Oryane has returned to her initial passion,

working hands-on with plants

Herbal Energetics founder, Oryane Belair, has been passionate about plant medicine for over 40 years.  She has wildcrafted, grown  & produced plant medicine for enjoyment, daily health enhancement & therapeutic use.   Her training integrates Western, Traditional Chinese Medicine & Ayurvedic traditions.

During her 25 years of clinical practice she used an East-West approach with her clients.  She also  shared her expertise and enthusiasm through teaching the integration of medicinal plants in everyday life.  She is thrilled to offer this experience and expertise to practitioners who value a base of scientific assessment combined with Oryane’s unique attention to handcrafted traditions that are only possible through small scale production.

I was so excited when Oryane came to me over 20 years ago to present me with her hand crafted herbal tinctures.  I have not used anything else since.  Patients commented directly that these herbs seemed to "work better" and they do! The tinctures are made with love and care that can only happen with smaller scale production and the quality is outstanding.  Oryane has been very accommodating over the years with all my basic as well as unusual herbal requests.  I would recommend her products to anyone who is passionate about herbal medicine as well as to those who are just beginning to experiment with herbs.  Thank you Oryane.

Dr. Glenda Laxton, ND

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